Emantes - Greece

The Social Cooperative Enterprise, Emantes, was founded in July 2018 by active members of the “Lgbtqia+ Refugees Welcome” collective, in collaboration with migration and refugee experts.

Emantes' mission is to:

Provide housing/shelter and food.

Facilitate access to educational programs for lgbt+ refugees/migrants.

Provide information on lgbt+ refugees’/migrants’ rights.

Provide legal support and access to health services.

Raise awareness of the lgbt+ refugees’/migrants’ as well as of the lgbt+ community’s struggles and demands and put pressure on authorities.

Employ lgbt+ refugees/migrants based on their skills.

Recognizing that the lgbt+ refugees/migrants experience intense marginalization, being both lgbt+ and displaced, Emantes aims to stand with their struggle for equal rights, visibility and decent living, and against exclusions, discrimination, hate speech and violence. 

Emantes’ vision is to act as a safe space that will welcome lgbt+ refugees/migrants for as long as it is needed. Apart from providing services, Emantes’ vision is to empower lgbt+ people, offering them new perspectives and chances and facilitating their social integration. 


Emantes is very excited to be part of the Borderlines Project so that it can support the young people they work with to express their creativity and develop their voices.